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Model Jang Min was the first guest at the season 2 of "Welcome! First time in Korea?"

Jang Min uploaded on his YouTube Channel "Almost Koreans" a video called "Things to deal with: when you are half-korean"

"Many people ask me questions or comments or social media," Jang said. Such as "What is it like to live as mix-race in Spain." So, for today's program he invited a half-Korean half-Italian who lived a similar life as him. They both live in south of Europe and they are of half-Korean descent.

Jang Min said, "It was really difficult to have a girlfriend when I was in school because of my mixed blood," he said, "For example, if you're interested in a girl at school and say, 'Do you wanna go out with me? she would say "No. I like normal guys."

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He said "Normal? What does normal mean?" and girls would usually answer "I don't like Chinese men, they are not my style."

"The hardest part of my life was bullying," he said, "they used to call me fucking Chinese. These are totally racist comments. I am sick and tired of of racist people, of course we were young back then, but it still remains in my memory somehow."

"But honestly, we didn't have any Asians in our city back then" Jang said, "I think it's more normal now. But why on earth are you treating other people in such a rude way when you see people from a different race?"

Jang Min was born to a Spanish mother and Korean father and grew up in Spain. At " Welcome! First time in Korea?" he said he wanted to come to Korea to experience his father's roots and to have a better understanding of his father's life. Jang Min has been living in Korea for over 3 years and currently he is working as a model.

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"When I was a kid, I did not understand my father."

"It was a little shocking to me that my father was a Korean child."more
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